National Grid Case Study
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Smart Energy Solutions Program,
National Grid US

Smart Energy Solutions Program,
National Grid US

Public Relations Program Objectives:

  • Build awareness of the Smart Energy Solutions program and its benefits through earned media
  • Foster customer receptivity and positive dialogue through proactive media relations and community outreach
  • Support responsive communications during potential crises
  • Monitor opposition groups and provide strategic counsel and communications implementation to correct misinformation

Program Components & Results

Strategic Planning & Crisis Management Counsel

Prepared rapid response talking points for multiple public events including local regulating authorities (e.g. Zoning Board of Appeals and City Council meetings), protest activity, and official requests for information
Ensured client’s perspective was included in Smart Meter profile airing on WBZ’s NightSide with Dan Rea

Monitored and alerted client to negative stories, news articles and opposition activity. Prepared and placed responses.

Media Relations

Garnered extensive local, statewide and trade media attention for the Smart Energy Solutions program launch, subsequent Smart Pricing launch, and overall program activities. Activities included feature stories, interviews, bylined articles, and Op-eds.

Customer Education

Produced SES Peak Pricing Video and coordinated Simple Energy educational video

Community Outreach

Secured 13 customer testimonials

What I like about the program is that I am aware of my energy usage and when the time comes and rates change I will know the best times to run my clothes dryer. The digital picture frame is in the kitchen and it’s convenient and I see it all the time. I uploaded pictures of my grandchildren on it and I like this extra feature.

Tom Dillon

The digital picture frame helps me pinpoint what is spiking my energy usage and I have found the culprit to be my clothes dryer or dishwasher. I am looking forward to the change in pricing in the fall when I can save money by choosing the best time of day to use my high energy usage items.

Virginia Woodbury

To me, the best part is now I can visually access and assess home energy usage from my smart phone. (National Grid has an android app for it) It is nice to see hourly energy usage spikes over the day and start to understand where and what is pushing my energy bill.

Patrick Cody

Identified over 20 potential community groups, developed relationships and arranged speaking engagements, Hub tours and promoted Hub events

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